AE Connected


We are a group of people with extensive experience in the connectivity industry. Some have been working with Cradlepoint and Teltonika, others with Fortinet and Cisco and another team member has worked for the biggest Peplink distributor in the EU. We all have been selling and managing data and connections for many years and together we have sold thousands of solutions all over the world and to all sorts of branches and environments. We know how to deliver a solution you need, bought and wished for.


These days, your business needs to be “on” at all times. We make sure to keep you connected Always and Everywhere. Of course with the help of your partner and if you dont already have a partner we can help you find the best partner for you in your country.

The world is screaming for big data solutions: everybody wants to be online at any given moment of the day and doesn’t want to cope with bad or even dropped connections. Especially in rural areas, but also in moving objects like ships, yachts and all sorts of vehicles.

All vehicles that move and any location where a fixed internet connection is not an option can be connected with our specialized solutions.


Finding the right connectivity solution is not easy, even in this era. There are many different options that don’t deliver what they promise. The cheapest option isn’t always the best option and the same goes for the most expensive option. Your wishes and requirements are unique and therefore a standard product will not be the best choice. So why does every connectivity company offer the same type of product to all their customers?

We strongly believe that, with our experience and knowledge, we can help our partners help their customers buy the best connectivity solution for their specific needs more easily and without any loose ends.

A ton of questions come up when determining what connectivity solution works best for your situation:

  • What router do I need?
  • How do I choose the correct antenna combination?
  • How do I manage data usage and costs?
  • Does the connection always work? And what do I do if it doesn’t?
  • How do I manage the solutions?
  • How do I provide support?



    After buying our total solution we pre-configure, deliver, help (your partner) install, manage, control and support the solution. You know it works and otherwise you know where to find us (or we already contacted you about it). You have an internet connection wherever you are and you can always rely on it to work. There will be clear and transparent costs so you will never have to worry when you or others are using it.

    In short, AE Connected offers an easy to understand and transparent proposition of well combined total solutions to keep you connected Always and Everywhere. We make sure your solution is configured and, if desired, installed. We can offer remote management, business day and even 24/7/365 support.

    Of course we only do this in close cooperation with your onsite partner.