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An internet back-up for when your primary WAN connection fails and you need to keep working. Reliable, because when you need the back-up, the back-up should ALWAYS work.

You have a fixed WAN connection that usually always works. But if it fails you don’t want to notice it. Hence, you need a good Automatic Failover or a Hot Failover. Even if it is only to support temporary failures, you know it needs to be good and highly reliable.

Even with 1000 people or devices connected, you don’t have to notice it when your primary WAN fails. 

All you have to do is tell us how important the WAN connection is, how many people rely on it and what the costs would be in case of a failure. Bring this to our drawing board, so we can find you the best fitting solution.

What are the challenges?

When creating a perfect back-up connectivity solution for the primary WAN connection we have to tackle a few challenges:

  • The most important challenge to solve is creating a solution that works even when it hasn’t worked in years: it has to be up immediately without losing a simple ping.
  • The other challenge is costs: it shouldn’t be too expensive since it is just a back-up solution.

A good back-up solution is always up and running so it doesn’t have to start up first.

We suggest running your mobile payment services, your internal phone calls or your alarm via the back-up solution. This way you use the money you spend on the solution and it also doesn’t have to start up first because it is already actively working.

What did we create for you?

Together with our dedicated partners we created a solution that works always and everywhere and doesn’t cost the world. You can add any WAN possible, from your Fixed Fiber connection to your VSAT or Starlink connection. We can even failover with one or more mobile WAN connections.

Our specially combined back-up solution provides a stable and reliable online experience. From a small group of people using it to 600 people using it: nobody will notice it when the primary WAN fails.

All this is possible by combining our hardware, our unique sim card management, our installation and configuration setup and the AE support.

Router, antennas, configuration, installation guide, support are ALL INCLUDED in a fixed monthly price.

A one off purchase also belongs to the possibilities. Contact us to learn more.

Our most popular solutions for Fixed WAN Back-up

Sorry, we don't have a standard solution for your situation. Please contact us so we can find the perfect custom solution in your case!

Why choose us


The right solution

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the connectivity branche we know how to help you choose the best fitting solution.

We can also call you to talk about options and possibilities and we can even schedule a visit in person.

Plug and Play

We deliver the solution with an easy “do it yourself” installation manual. This way you controll the costs and time and still get a perfectly working solution.

Off course we can also take care of the installation for you.

From A to Z

We take care of the specific configuration so you receive a fully working solution you only have to put a power cable in.

We also fully manage your solution and we can even offer a 24/7 support contract.

AE Guarantee

We only want really happy and satisfied customers. If you are not you are free to go and get your money back. However, we are convinced you dont want to leave us.

Ask us about the possibilities.