Here, you can find all of our SIM bundles. Our SIM solutions can be bought as a stand-alone product, or combined with our hardware solutions in a combi deal. You can use the filters below to surface the SIM options that best fit your needs. Click on read more below for an explanation.

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Data (GB)

Depending on how much data you need, we offer several ranges of GB’s per day. If you are still unsure how much data you need in a day, there is also a pay as you go option, where you pay per GB used.


What regions do you need your SIM to cover? We offer both local SIM cards that can be used in the Netherlands, or regional ones that cover the entire EU region.

Pricing per

If you are looking for a fixed price per month, pick a GB data range to see the fixed monthly costs. If you are unsure how much GB you need, it is also possible to pay per GB in our pay as you go plan.

Maximum price

Submit the maximum price that fits your budget here.

Minimum number of carriers

If you are in need of multiple wireless service providers, you can enter this here.

Minimum number of SIMs

If you are in need of multiple SIM cards, you can enter this here.

Contract duration

We offer contracts with a range starting from a minimal contract period of 1 week up to 5 months. Select the duration you need here.