AE Connected

The best margins per sold solution.

If you’re selling a mobile connectivity solution, you have probably already drawn the conclusion that the margins are slim. Router and Antenna manufacturers don’t leave a lot of space in their pricing for you to add some profit for yourself.

We can help you sell more than just a router and an antenna because we want to add value added services and we will let you profit from these added margins. And, most important, your customer benefits the most.

Ask us about all our products, prices and margins.

Plug and Play solutions.

Antennas need a clear line of sight to the telecom masts, so they need to be mounted as high as possible. The router however needs to be safe from seawater, wind, rain, thunder and all other elements of nature. And besides that, the cable between the router and the antennas can’t be longer than 15 meters or you need to use the more expensive LMR600 cables. So how do you manage all these demands?

We have several solutions to tackle that. Tell us what you need and we will compose the best package: a plug and play solution.


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AE Dashboard and Software.

We know your customers want to be in control and sometimes want to be able to make a change to the solution themselves. We made a simple dashboard in which you and your customer can make some basic changes like change providers, adjust priority settings, block a certain user, add a WIFI network, etc.

We DON’T give your customer access to the full software, but we can provide them the liberty to make specific changes if you agree. From every type of hardware.


AE Guarantee.

    We only aim for happy and satisfied partners and customers, which is why we offer our AE Guarantee. This means we’ll do everything in our power to ensure any issues are being resolved swiftly and to full satisfaction. 

    If you and your customer are dissatisfied with our solution and services, we will take all hardware and software back and we will not hold you to any contractual terms.