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A connection you can easily carry with you and that works every time you need it: a connection on the GO, with an internal battery and the option to connect external antennas in case you are somewhere remote and it is hard to receive a good cellular reception.

Wherever you go and wherever you are, we keep you connected always and everywhere.

You want to work at your customers office without having to ask for the WIFI code. You want to be independent. You are on the road and you want the connection you know and trust. You want to be able to set your own level of security and you want to be fully in control. But, it shouldn't cost too much and it has to be very user friendly and able to absorb a few bumps here and there since you can be a little rough.

Whether you are at a customer, sit at McDonalds or in a parking spot next to the freeway, we can have you connected online. Safe and secure.

You are on the road a lot and don’t have a fixed workplace. You need to be online every day and your work takes place online. You are at customers but you can also be remote and work in silence in the middle of a field or forest: you decide where you want to work and we will make sure you stay connected. Always and Everywhere.

What are the challenges?

When creating a perfect connectivity solution for a mobile worker like you we have to tackle a few challenges:

  • The most important problem is that it should be small, able to absorb damage and really easy to use.
  • You should be able to use a VPN and manage your own security settings and even have the option to connect some external antennas so you can work in rural areas. 

A rugged, portable and plug and play solution in one easy package. It does exist.

We also know you have consider your choice in SIMs. You need access to several, preferably all, mobile carriers and you need a big data package because you are going to use a lot of GB’s on the go. Trust us, it is not that easy but it is doable. Follow our path and we'll get your internet needs met.

What did we create for you?

Together with our partners we created a Total Solution based around the Celerway GO router. A small and rugged router with two 4G modems and an internal battery that lasts 7 hours.

Our most popular solutions for Field Operators & Engineers

Why choose us


The right solution

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the connectivity branche we know how to help you choose the best fitting solution.

We can also call you to talk about options and possibilities and we can even schedule a visit in person.

Plug and Play

We deliver the solution with an easy “do it yourself” installation manual. This way you controll the costs and time and still get a perfectly working solution.

Off course we can also take care of the installation for you.

From A to Z

We take care of the specific configuration so you receive a fully working solution you only have to put a power cable in.

We also fully manage your solution and we can even offer a 24/7 support contract.

AE Guarantee

We only want really happy and satisfied customers. If you are not you are free to go and get your money back. However, we are convinced you dont want to leave us.

Ask us about the possibilities.