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A solution to connect a lot of devices, machines, vehicles, animals, people or even to analyse by creating big data: from industrial environments to remote and huge livestock fields in Australia. We know we can assist you with the best connectivity solution together with our dedicated partners.

You want to connect a lot of devices, machines, vehicles, animals or even people, because you want to keep track of them, to see if there are certain patterns or you just want to see from a distance if they are still working. Big data analysis solutions are great and offer a lot of advantages. We have partners in rural Africa, tough and huge Australia but also in urban West Europe. 

Highly ruggedised, cheap and able to deploy fast and on a large scale.

You let us know what your challenge is and we know we can help you. We select the best fitting partner for your goals and you might even consider implementing a back-up solution if redundancy is necessary. We know scalability is important.

What are the challenges?

When creating a perfect connectivity solution for any IoT/M2M solutions we have to tackle a few challenges:

  • The solution needs to be Plug & Play so rapid deployment is possible - you have to be really fast connecting a lot of stuff and the faster the deployment can be, the better.
  • It needs to be cost effective, because of the large scale and future proof. 
  • The solution should be future proof so you never have to do look for a solution again. For example think about using eSIM solutions so you will NEVER have to switch SIM cards ever again.

In short: a Plug & Play solution that is easy to deploy on a very large scale.

We also suggest other possibilities a good connection can offer. Think security in the form of cameras, access control in the form of face recognition and even theft control by sounding an alarm when a machine leaves the site.

What did we create for you?

Our partners have been working all over the world, connected millions of objects for many years and they know how to support you in your business. Their expertise is immense and we are convinced they can offer the absolute best solution for IoT or M2M purposes.

We are glad to do the introduction and discuss what you want and need. Contact us to learn more.

Our most popular solutions for IoT & M2M

Sorry, we don't have a standard solution for your situation. Please contact us so we can find the perfect custom solution in your case!

Why choose us


The right solution

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the connectivity branche we know how to help you choose the best fitting solution.

We can also call you to talk about options and possibilities and we can even schedule a visit in person.

Plug and Play

We deliver the solution with an easy “do it yourself” installation manual. This way you controll the costs and time and still get a perfectly working solution.

Off course we can also take care of the installation for you.

From A to Z

We take care of the specific configuration so you receive a fully working solution you only have to put a power cable in.

We also fully manage your solution and we can even offer a 24/7 support contract.

AE Guarantee

We only want really happy and satisfied customers. If you are not you are free to go and get your money back. However, we are convinced you dont want to leave us.

Ask us about the possibilities.