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Internet connectivity in all of your busses so you can manage your vehicles in real-time from the office and they can communicate better with you and home. You could even offer WIFI to all your passengers to add value.

The optimal solution for Bus companies.

You manage busses, bus drivers and passengers and they trust you to keep them connected to the internet. We created total solutions, making us the perfect one-stop-shop and being the only ones you need to call in case you have a question. We know what problems could occur connecting international busses and we know how to avoid and even solve them.

We configure and manage all solutions and can even offer 24/7 worldwide support.

We offer transparent solutions, which helps you choose the best solution per vehicle and you could even make a custom solution per bus. Our special commercial bus solution is a great and cost friendly solution.

What are the challenges?

  • Eliminating the possibilities of having bill shocks: you should be able to use our solution without any worries about costs.
  • Passing country borders without losing the connection, and even having a good connection when you are really remote in rural areas or up high driving in the mountains.
  • The solution should have remote manageability, because your busses have to stay moving and can’t afford to stop when you need us for support.

In short, you need a reliable connection that you can easily manage from the office and it all has to work without any problems, difficulties or unexpected surprises like bill shocks. 

Because we uphold a certain standard, we know we can help you get the very best connectivity solution in the market. Enough data capacity to run everything at the same time and without having to worry about costs. And with our AE Configuration and AE Software so you have an absolute worry free connection ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE.

What did we create for you?

Togther with our dedicated partners we created a solution that is plug and play and very easy to install and maintain. It contains the necessary back-up plans so you will be ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE CONNECTED: you will not have to worry about your internet access.

Even when the solution has a failure, we support you remotely and you can benefit from our worldwide assistance.

All this is possible by combining our hardware, our unique sim card management, our installation and configuration setup and the AE support. 

  • Stable, reliable and it works everywhere.
  • Remote assistance.
  • No bill shocks.
  • An internet connection that works for you, all over the world off course. Scalable, manageable and affordable.

Router, antennas, configuration, installation guide and support are ALL INCLUDED in a fixed monthly price.

Our most popular solutions for Bus Companies

Why choose us


The right solution

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the connectivity branche we know how to help you choose the best fitting solution.

We can also call you to talk about options and possibilities and we can even schedule a visit in person.

Plug and Play

We deliver the solution with an easy “do it yourself” installation manual. This way you controll the costs and time and still get a perfectly working solution.

Off course we can also take care of the installation for you.

From A to Z

We take care of the specific configuration so you receive a fully working solution you only have to put a power cable in.

We also fully manage your solution and we can even offer a 24/7 support contract.

AE Guarantee

We only want really happy and satisfied customers. If you are not you are free to go and get your money back. However, we are convinced you dont want to leave us.

Ask us about the possibilities.