€ 450.00 per Month

Region: EU Region

10 to 20 GB per DAY

1 Sims

2 Carriers (minimal)

Minimal contract period: 3 months

We can also provide a data / SIM subscription for you

We have listed the most popular data / sim packages for this solution below. However, we offer many more packages.

300 GB per MONTH in the EU region.


From € 450.00 per Month

EU Region

10 to 20 GB per DAY

1 Sims

2 Carriers (minimal)

AE services

AE Connected offers a range of services. Below, you can read more about each service and see if it is or is not included with this solution.
  • Configuration

We preconfigure the total solution so you only have to install the hardware.
A real plug and play total solution.

  • Support

We support everything from router to SIM. You always know who to contact if there are any problems.

  • Management

We will actively monitor everything so we’ll know if something doesn’t work like it should before you even notice it.

  • SpeedFusion

We configure the modems so they work in optimal form. SpeedFusion from Peplink is a big part of why our total solution keeps you ALWAYS connected. 

  • Guarantee

We want you to be happy and satisfied with our total solution. If you are not after we were able to do all we could think of, you are free to leave us.

  • Software

We give you some tools so you can manage your solution, like switch carriers, alter priority settings, change passcodes or block users or devices.